Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Boy Songs

    Whenever anything of note happens to me I seem to subconsciously try and find a song for it. Whenever a person of note happens to me I can subconsciously make entire playlists, so here is some rambling and some pretty boy songs (Boys are in chronological order because that is who I am now).

Camera Obscura - Other Towns and Cities
    The first boy (who, incidentally, EVERY Smiths song is about) to properly have a song. It is a super pretty boy song and it is v. literal and almost everything in it did literally happen, drinking whiskey reminds me of him, we always stared at each other's pupils to see if they got bigger and he found a scar on my back that I didn't know I had (not in an interesting shape, but still) etc and he played me this song the first time he came to my house.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Kiss Me Again
    I could easily do a separate post of songs about boys using ONLY Jessica Lea Mayfield songs but instead I am mixin' it up (and urging everyone in the world to buy both of her albums and listen to them for the rest of their lives). This is about a boy who I didn't wanna kiss but I kissed but then he said I was a "poisonous angel" and some really weird other shit and when I said I didn't wanna go out with him he said, and I quote "Why? What have I ever done to you?" so not a nice boy and not even a boy that I think about at all besides the fact that I first listened to this song the summer that we did the kissin' and it makes me much more fond of that time than he deserves.

Belle and Sebastian - Seeing Other People
    This is about a boy who I wanted when he didn't want me and who wanted me when I didn't want him and now we are sort of weird because I am too sad for ANY boys so sometimes we just get drunk and kiss, and he has plenty of other girls anyway and I am perpetually in love with people who don't want me so it is o.k and cuddles and muddles and kissing just for practice. Anyway despite my emotional problems this is one of the prettiest songs ever.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - I'll Be The One You Want Someday
    I think every one of her songs are about boys I know. This one is self explanatory I guess but I have about a thousand boy songs for this boy including Why Don't You Love Me by Beyoncé which is also v. self explanatory but unfortunately I haven't found a song called It's Because You're Trendy And Beautiful And I'm Emotionally Unstable, Isn't It? I bought this album at about the same time that this boy happened so I think the whole devastatingly beautiful album is soundtrack enough (apart from Blue Skies Again because that is FAR too optimistic). 

    I will add to this with less important boys and their songs but those are the top 4 boys that have ever made me sad. All of them have 5 letter names with an O in them isn't that weird?

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