Sunday, 18 December 2011

Fortuitous Jumble

    Isn’t it strange how one person can love another person so much that they are “the whole world” to them but that person is really just three insignificant cubic feet of bones and meat and skin and fingernails and teeth and spit and hair in a fortuitous jumble and that is all they are. Just one human being. Do you ever lie awake at night and think “this is all I am” and curl up so tiny, as small as you can, and think “this is all I am in the whole world, just these limbs and bones and organs” and think that no matter what your hopes, nightmares, priorities, hates, fears and ideas, that everything is hidden in this tiny inconsequential mass of blood and flesh that is presently curled up so tiny? Do you think the person you’re in love with does that too? 


  1. exactly.
    and think about all the billions of years the sun has been around and how many more people it has sunburned and how easy it is for you to be crushed and how many superpowers your body doesn't have? But you feel like you do?
    i loved this, basically.