Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Things for 2012

    I am not happy with myself at the moment or any of the decisions I have made in 2011, so I will regretfully become a personification of one of those "New year, new start!!!!" statuses on Facebook. Sorry. Here is a list of new year's resolutions/advice for myself that I will inevitably forget by February (or even January, I only just remembered to finish this post...).
  • Draw. Draw anything and don't be afraid to use up the ink in your felt tips or to waste the expensive paper from Hobbycraft. Draw your favourite faces from the newspaper every day, draw people on the bus or go into town specifically to people watch.
  • Write. I don't know if there is a word for the literary equivalent of doodles, but that's what you should do. A diary, poetry, snatches of conversation, words that sound nice together, clever rhymes etc, anything.
  • Read more classics, and stop reading the same three books over and over. Read more poetry, and start reading to learn. Learn about animals, space, philosophy, history and everything.
  • Start notebooks, and more importantly, finish them. Even if you make ugly mistakes.
  • Stay organised. Keep your bedroom tidy. Keep your plants alive. 
  • Eat better. Go vegan, or at least try harder to go vegan. Perhaps have the weekends off...
  • Go outside!!! It is January 3rd and besides wandering about in the early hours of January 1st you have only managed to leave your house once, so you will have to sort yourself out.
  • Learn to play the ukulele properly, and re-teach yourself piano using the books you stole from your piano teacher a few years ago.
  • Make a flippin' zine already.

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